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Acıbadem Hospitals Group, which has developed rapidly since 1991 and became one of the leading institutions in Turkey within the field of private healthcare services, moves forward in the global platform with the partnership with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the biggest groups in the Far East, in 2012.

Comprised of 22 hospitals and 15 outpatient clinics, Acıbadem has become the world’s second largest Healthcare Chain with this agreement under the auspices of IHH Healthcare Berhad.

A Journey of Growth in Healthcare

The journey of growth and development for Acıbadem, which started out as a district hospital in 1991, continues on the world stage with an agreement made in 2012 with IHH Healthcare Berhad, one of the largest groups in the Far East. IHH Healthcare Berhad, which has education and real estate investments in many countries throughout the world in addition to investments in hospitals and healthcare institutions in 8 large countries of the Asian Pacific, is the 2nd largest healthcare chain in the world with a powerful structure comprised of the Malaysian government’s investment fund Khazanah, Japan’s Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and the Aydınlar Family Partnership. Acıbadem has been an important part of this chain since 2012.

In 2016, Acıbadem Healthcare Group acquired the Tokuda Group and the City Clinic Group, both of which are leading Bulgarian healthcare providers. An investment of 125 million Euros enabled Acıbadem to expand its operations by 4 hospitals and 5 outpatient clinics thus making it the largest private healthcare provider in Bulgaria. Acıbadem currently operates 22 hospitals and 15 clinics in 4 countries.


With the aim of improving the quality of life of the society and contributing to the developments in medicine, the mission of Acıbadem Hospitals Group is;

- to provide preventive and curative health services at an advanced level, in a widespread and integrated environment and in affordable economical conditions to the society,

- to support novel developments and applications related to health by providing support to academical and scientific research studies in the area of medicine,

- to raise physicians and health experts who care about people and  are dedicated to their profession.


Acıbadem Hospitals Group aims to achieve patient and patient relatives’ satisfaction, create a model for Turkey with its personnel and infrastructure and become one of the academical health institutions that are referred to around the world.

Medical Service

The goal of Acıbadem Hospitals Group is to meet health-related requirements of individuals and enable them to live a healthier life. For this purpose, the group aims to provide medical services at every point on certain standarts.

With the support of the academical infrastructure founded in Health Sciences, Acıbadem Hospitals Group seeks to raise public awareness about maintaining a healthy life and provides continuous training to its personnel in order to maintain and increase the quality level of its services.

Customer Satisfaction

Acıbadem Hospitals Group aims to become a solution partner for its patients in health-related matters. The group aims to provide within the group all health services needed to anyone who apply to any contact point of Acıbadem. When offering its services, the proposed solutions are designed in a way to prioritize health requirements of the patients.

The satisfaction of individuals receiving service within Acıbadem Hospitals Group is systematically monitored and obtained results are used to improve the offered services further.

Staff and Infrastructure

Acıbadem Hospitals Group aims to provide a working environment to its staff which enables them to use their potential to the fullest and improve themselves further.


The group aims to work in an advanced infrastructure environment and increase the efficiency of our services and improve our infrastructure by following the latest developments in technology.


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