Hair transplant in Turkey

A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that involves moving hair to an area that’s thin or balding. This can be due to ageing, genetics or conditions such as alopecia that leads to permanent hair loss.

Hair loss can have very detrimental effects on a person’s confidence. It can be a traumatic time for some, so it’s important that when considering a hair transplant, people speak with an expert they can trust.

At MedicoTrips, we want you to feel comfortable and happy with your decision.

We might explain that a hair transplant may not work for you, and we will instead highlight some other options that may be better suited to your needs. This is why you can rest assured we will only complete hair transplant surgery if it’s the right course of action for you.

Hair transplants are becoming more and more popular, with medical professionals in Turkey having performed the procedure for many years.

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey

Turkey is well known for its experience in the cosmetic industry, being home to many experienced and talented medical professionals.

Customers who choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey can ensure they are being worked on by a highly qualified specialist in the field.

At MedicoTrips, we recommend hair transplant surgery in Turkey, as it’s a more cost effective option for our customers.

As medical certification and standardised techniques are the same across the global medical industry, undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey will provide the same results as anywhere else in the world.

The benefits of getting hair transplant surgery in Turkey

We have had hundreds of happy customers who have undergone a hair transplant in Turkey, who are thrilled with the final look.

Choosing to go ahead with a hair transplant will help to boost your confidence and help you to feel happier in your skin.

The medical expertise of our surgeons allow for procedures that are non invasive and have no linear scarring for optimum hair distribution.

With a short recovery time of between two to three days, you can ensure a natural looking result to help you look and feel your best.

The options for a hair transplant in Turkey

If you are looking to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey, there are two popular types of procedure - FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant).

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant

This is the most modern form of hair transplant, and is considered the ‘gold standard’ of hair transplant techniques. This is because it is minimally invasive.

The process works by extracting hair follicles from the back of the head.

At MedicoTrips, the hair transplant is carried out at our surgical facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

Throughout the procedure, the patient is under local anaesthesia to numb the patients scalp. Individual hair follicles are removed from the donor area with a ‘micro-punch’.

The follicles are then prepared into grafts and the surgeon places them onto the specific area.

The recovery is very quick, as there are no stitches needed. We expect patients who undergo this type of hair transplant surgery in Turkey to be back to a normal routine within a few days.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

FUT is the more traditional technique of hair transplant surgery, but it’s an excellent option for patients with more advanced hair loss.

Hair follicles are harvested by removing a narrow strip of skin from the back of the scalp. This allows an increased number of grafts to be created compared to FUE, which is why it’s a more common procedure for those with more severe hair loss.

Similar to FUE, this type of hair transplant is again only a minor surgical procedure, which only requires local anaesthetic, and can be performed in one day. The healing process is however, slightly longer.

The process of getting a hair transplant in Turkey

Agreeing to go ahead with a hair transplant in Turkey is a major decision.

At MedicoTrips, we advise you on all the pros and cons of each procedure, so you can make a well informed decision as to whether to go ahead with the surgery.

If you do decide to progress with a hair transplant in Turkey, we will discuss the process with you in full, and arrange a convenient date for your procedure.

Ahead of the surgery, you will be picked up from the airport via a VIP transfer, and will be taken to your hotel.

On the day of the surgery, you will speak in detail about the procedure with your surgeon, and once you’re ready, you will begin the process.

The procedure will last between six to eight hours.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be taken to your hotel to recover, and when it’s safe to do so, you will be able to fly home to the UK.

You will be given suitable aftercare in the form of medication and shampoo, to aid recovery. You will notice after two to three weeks post surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. This begins the process of new hair regrowth, and within a year this will be complete.

The hair transplant procedure in Turkey has been designed to be as easy and seamless as possible, offering experienced medical care for a more cost effective price.

Ensure you are seen by one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul

The surgeon for your hair transplant in Turkey will be with Dr. Abdullah Etös, associate clinical doctor of plastic surgery at Acıbadem Hospital Groups in İstanbul

We work with Dr. Abdullah Etös at MedicoTrips following his years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field.

Following his studies at Selçuk University School of Medicine, he completed his surgical residency at Uludağ University. He now specialises exclusively in aesthetic plastic surgery, including hair transplant procedures.

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey

A hair transplant in the UK can cost anything between £5,000 to £11,000.

At MedicoTrips, we work with experienced medical specialists in Turkey to ensure high quality results for a fraction of the cost. This means a FUE hair transplant in Turkey can cost as little as £1,800.

As part of the MedicoTrips package, your accommodation and transfers are included in the cost.

Why pick MedicoTrips for your hair transplant?

  • Our people, a dedicated team who offer a high level of service with positive customer endorsement time and time again
  • We offer a personal touch
  • We deliver and exceed patient expectations
  • We provide high quality, yet cost-effective, packages
  • We offer a complete solution for your cosmetic needs, including aesthetic procedures, dentistry and hair transplantation
  • We provide 7 day account management
  • And most importantly, we are trustworthy- we promise to tell you whether your desired procedure will work for you or alternative options which may potentially be better suited to you, even if we don’t offer them

Choose MedicoTrips for your hair transplant surgery

MedicoTrips is here to ensure that your hair transplant surgery in Turkey runs as smoothly as possible.

Get in touch with us today to discuss having a free consultation with one of our experts in Birmingham.

We will provide you with a full itinerary of the process, and discuss any concerns about the surgery with you face to face, to ensure you are happy to go ahead.

To begin your MedicoTrips journey, contact our team on + 44 (0)121 288 4552.

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Hair Transplant
PROCEDURE Time: 6-8 Hours per session
IN Or OUTPATIENT: Outpatient
ANAESTHETIC: Local Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic and Sedation
LOCATION: Acibadem, Istanbul, Turkey
COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: Thinning of hair, itchiness, bleeding, death of hair follicles and localised swelling
RECOVERY TIME: 2-3 days until you can return home. 10 days for redness and 6-12 months for full regrowth
EXPECTED RESULT: Permanent hair growth, natural looking hair

How much will a hair transplant cost? On average FUE hair transplant in the UK costs between £5000 and £11,000 FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey can cost as little as £1800 which will include your accommodation and transfers. Customers choose to have their Hair Transplant in Turkey due to Turkey’s cosmetic industry being one of the world leaders and with experienced and talented medical specialists offering high quality cosmetic procedures including hair transplants for a fraction of the cost.

What hair transplant method is best? FUE is the most common hair transplant method as this procedure minimizes scarring and increased quality of results How many hair grafts do I need? During your free consultation you will be assessed on the number of grafts needed. This can be done by visiting one of our locations or sending pictures to our team via Facebook messenger and Whatsapp number: +44 (0) 7774 329 158. How long will hair transplant last? Your new hair will be permanent with the FUE hair transplant procedure. Will I have to shave my hair? When you arrive at the hospital in Turkey for your hair transplant procedure, your surgeon will shave your hair prior to the procedure taking place. How does it take for my new hair to grow? You should see growth within a few weeks after the procedure. How long till I can have my hair cut after a hair transplant? It will take 6 months until you will be able to have your hair cut at a hairdressers.

Dr. Abdullah Etöz Dr. Abdullah Etöz is an Associate Clinical Doctor of Plastic Surgery at Acıbadem Hospital Groups in İstanbul. He is specialized exclusively in aesthetic plastic surgery and the hair transplant procedure. Following medical education at Selçuk University School of Medicine, he completed his surgical residency at Uludağ University.

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