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Here at MedicoTrips we are aware that having poor teeth can often lead to shyness and our customers often avoid showing their smile in any situation. With dental implants a new confidence can be found, quite often this is immediately after surgery. Our dental implant procedure takes place at our state of the art medical facility in Istanbul, Turkey. We understand travelling abroad for dental implants can be a daunting experience and that’s why our experienced team are always on hand to guide you through the process. We will work with you to find the best dental solution for you and we promise to tell you whether dental implants will work for you or what other options would potentially work better for you, even if we don’t offer them!

We know undergoing dental implants is a lifelong investment, so before considering them you should think carefully about the look you want. Dental specialists deliver results, but on some occasions this may not be the result you are looking for because your expectations are not surgically possible. To avoid any disappointment, our dental specialists will be able to talk to you in depth about what results you can expect to see after the dental implants and what can be delivered.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable yet high-quality dental implants. The procedure itself is performed by our experienced and qualified dentist from our dental facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, who have been completing dental implants for many years now. You can be confident that you will be taken care of every step of the way.

Many patients choose to have their dental implants in Turkey for a variety of reasons. These can include the high level of experience and quality of service, good-quality deals compared to other countries, results from previous patients having dental implants and finally the chance to have a well-earned break and travel while you have your procedure.

A dental implant can also be referred to as a tooth implant. A dental implant is a substitute for your natural tooth and is a screw-like device which acts as a base for an artificial tooth. Dental implants are a permanent solution. They don’t need to be taken out for replacements. Once the dental implant has been inserted it becomes very much part of your mouth.

Most modern general implants are made from titanium. These are used as they have always shown to combine well with your bone and are reliable enough to support a replacement tooth.

Dependant on the type of implants you have chosen and any preparation which is needed beforehand (such as extractions, bone graft or a sinus lift), you will need to make two or three visits for your dental implants, however your treatment plan will be explained dependant on your individual needs and requirements.

How do dental implants work?

A dental implant is surgically placed in your jawbone by a qualified dental specialist.  Once the procedure is completed, there is a healing period to ensure the bone grows around the implant. This is to ensure that the dental implant bonds with your jawbone tissue.

Once the implant has healed correctly, a dentist then places an abutment on top of it - think of this as the interior of your teeth. The abutment then supports the dental crown, which is artificial and mimics the enamel on your teeth.

A dental implant allows the artificial tooth to function and look like a real tooth. Rest assured you won’t feel a dental implant once it’s in your mouth, much like how you don’t feel the root of your teeth.

Patients should be aware that a dental implant requires a number of procedures, you will have to provide dental x-rays and may have to consult with a dentist to ensure your jaw structure is suited for dental implants.

By getting your dental implants abroad in Turkey, you might be able to save thousands of pounds.

Why have dental implants in Turkey?

·         Turkey’s dentistry industry is one of the world leaders, they often set examples in dentistry fields

·         Many private hospitals and medical specialists have changed the lives of thousands of men and women looking to solve missing or poor teeth

·         Turkey is at the forefront of most cosmetic surgeries and procedures

·         Experienced and talented medical specialists offer high-quality treatment but for a fraction of the cost

The process has been made as easy and stress free as possible. Our prices include VIP transfers, accommodation and the procedure itself. We want our customers to have a great experience with the packages we offer and the medical specialists who carry out the work on our behalf. If you would like to provide us with feedback in relation to any step of the process please get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you!

Why customers choose dental implants?

Dental implants might not be for everyone. However, implants are commonly used as a permanent solution for customers with poor or missing teeth.

Here is a list of some of the most common reasons why customers opt for dental implants:

·         Treat one or multiple missing teeth

·         Better alternative to dentures

·         Better alternative to dental bridges

·         Safe for your natural teeth

·         Easy to care for

How will dental implants benefit me?

·         Increased confidence by restoring your smile!

·         Ability to achieve the smile you want

·         Feeling happier with your appearance

·         Permanently treats missing teeth

·         Don’t rattle or make noises like dentures

·         Don’t require removal like bridges

Why pick MedicoTrips for your dental implants?

  • We have a dedicated team who offer a high level of service with positive customer endorsement time and time again
  • We offer a personal touch
  • We deliver and exceed patient expectations
  • We provide high-quality, yet cost-effective, packages
  • We offer a complete solution for your cosmetic needs, including aesthetic procedures, dentistry and hair transplantation
  • We provide 7 day account management
  • And most importantly, we are trustworthy - we promise to tell you whether your desired procedure will work for you or if alternative options may be better suited to you, even if we don't offer them.


To find out how much our dental implants cost or for more information please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to help on +44 (0) 121 288 4552

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Dental Implants
PROCEDURE Time: 2-4 Hours
IN Or OUTPATIENT: Outpatient
ANAESTHETIC: Local Anaesthetic
LOCATION: Acibadem, Istanbul, Turkey
COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: Soreness, slight swelling or bleeding.
EXPECTED RESULT: Appearance and teeth brightness will be improved

On average dental implants in the UK costs £800

Dental implants in turkey can cost as little as £450 per implant and metal fused porcelain crown

Customers choose to have their dental implants in Turkey due to Turkey’s dental industry being one of the world leaders and with experienced and talented dental specialists offering high quality dental treatment for a fraction of the cost.

How many dental implants will I need?

During your free consultation at one of our locations you will be assessed and notified the number of dental implants you require to achieve your goals. If you are unable to make an appointment at one of our locations if you are able to send photos to one of our friendly team via facebook messenger or whatsapp: +44 (0) 7774 329 158 they will be able to advise what is best.

How long will my dental implants last?

Dental implants are designed to last over 25 years. The dental crowns which are situated on top of the implant usually last 15 years or more.

Will I require more dental implants in the future?

This will be dependent on your own needs and desires.

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