Brazilian Butt lift

A Brazilian Butt lift, also knowns as BBL increases the size of the butt and enhances the appearance of the buttocks by inserting butt implants or fat injection, however in some cases it can mean combining both. 

A fuller rounded butt is a highly desirable look and is being increasingly popular. Surgery is often chosen to achieve this look.

Cosmetic surgeons can improve the proportions of the entire lower body by Brazilian butt lift surgery, if you feel that your butt is flat or doesn’t match the contours of the rest of your body, you are likely to be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

A BBL starts with liposuction, this is where the surgeon will suck fat out of areas in the body this is then processed and re-injected into the buttocks and hips. Areas are clearly marked before surgery along with the outline of planned fat grafting. 

The patient is positioned face-down on the operating table and under anesthesia. The procedure is quite often performed under anesthesia, however in procedures where a small amount of fat is transferred, this maybe done under local anesthesia. Liposuction is performed in the desired areas and fat is collected in a specialized system which will separate live fat cells from liposuction fluid. The fat is then injected in the marked areas of the butt. 

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Brazilian butt lift Surgery (BBL)
IN Or OUTPATIENT: Outpatient
ANAESTHETIC: General Anaesthetic
LOCATION: Acibadem, Istanbul, Turkey
COMMON SIDE EFFECTS: Slight swelling and/or bruising and soreness
RECOVERY TIME: Approx 1 Month
EXPECTED RESULT: Improvement in appearance of buttocks region which includes a Tighter and firmer muscle tone then previously.

How Much Does Brazilian Bum Lift Surgery Cost?

UK Brazilian butt lift surgery can cost anything between £5,000 – £6,000

A BBL in Turkey can cost as little as £2900 which includes your accommodation and transfers.
Customers choose to have a BBL in Turkey due to Turkey’s cosmetic industry being one of the world leaders and with experienced and talented medical specialists.

Dr. Abdullah Etöz

Dr. Abdullah Etöz is an Associate Clinical Doctor of Plastic Surgery at Acıbadem Hospital Groups in İstanbul. He is specialized exclusively in aesthetic plastic surgery and the hair transplant procedure. Following medical education at Selçuk University School of Medicine, he completed his surgical residency at Uludağ University

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