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Botox is not a new word in the world of advertising, music and celebrities, it’s depicted as a thrilling beauty substance that anyone will desire to have. If you have ever used it, then you know that the popular notion is true. Beauty has mutated over time to levels you cannot imagine. Botox is just but a beauty substance that is injected into the skin to prevent skin movement hence inhibit wrinkles and facial creases development. It actually prevents nerve signals to some muscles to make them relax. Well, it has capacity to prevent sweating hence some men inject it to their scrotum. It looks funny but reality. Let us put it clear first, it’s used for three main purposes: Muscle spasm control, severe underarm sweating. Cosmetic improvement. But in this section, we’re concentrating on its beauty function.

Is Botox really safe to use?

So many people have heard crazy stories that make them fear using it. It’s a drug made from neurotoxin which is a poison secreted by a bacteria called botulinum toxin. In science, research has shown that botulinum toxin is a valuable therapeutic protein when applied in the right dosage. If applied carelessly, it will cause muscle weakness, vision problems and trouble breathing.

Is botox dangerous or is botox safe?

I know this sounds somewhat scary but it’s very safe so long as you only allow a licensed professional to administer it to you. Many people have used it and it has worked well with them.

Botox Procedure

The scientific words used here may make you to have a notion of its complexity, but getting it is such a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete without even using an anesthesia.

When does botox start working and How long for botox to work ?

It’s injected gently with little pain to take full effect in about seven days later. One is usually advised to avoid alcohol at least a week prior. A professional will advise you other substances to avoid including anti-inflammatory drugs. In about three to four Months, Its effect cease.

Can you drink alcohol after botox?

When it comes to drinking alcohol after botox there is not enough study that you can not take. but it is suggested by the authorities that you should avoid taking alcohol before and after botox.

Botox side effects

The following negative effects may occur after using Botox, but they’re not reason enough to prevent you from using it.

  • Short lived headache, 24-48 hours. This rarely happens therefore shouldn’t raise alarm
  • Eyelid drooping
  • Temporary bruising

Breastfeeding and pregnant women are discouraged from using Botox. It doesn’t work for all wrinkles, before application, seek expert advice.

How much does botox cost?

Generally, insurance companies don’t cover Botox expenses. For more information please contact us.

We believe that you are knowledgeable to make a right decision and the Botox phobia has been eliminated.