Why is Turkey the epicentre of medical tourism?

Over the past decade, the popularity of medical tourism has continued to increase.

Although tourism for cosmetic surgery is still a relatively modern phenomenon, the demand for such procedures has become much more prevalent in recent years.

And one country that is at the height of this medical tourism movement is Turkey.

In 2010, it was revealed by the Health Ministry that plans were being put in place to make Turkey into a ‘medical tourism hub’.

And there are many valid reasons as to why Turkey has been noted as the epicentre of medical tourism.

Turkey has a very well structured healthcare system, one that matches the high levels of medical training maintained elsewhere across Europe.

Medical professionals are therefore highly trained and skilled across a wide range of medical procedures.

And being a key location for cosmetic tourism, they are typically more experienced in cosmetic procedures. This is due to the volume of patients that they have the opportunity to operate on.

But, what really makes Turkey a great location to undergo a medical procedure is its highly competitive pricing.

Although the country is home to some of the top medical professionals in the world, they are able to reduce costs in other areas to offer treatments at much lower prices.

Turkey operates with much lower labour and operational costs compared to the rest of Europe. This means they are able to offer more cost-effective options to patients, making a cosmetic procedure a reality for those who can’t afford the price elsewhere.

By establishing such a valuable offering to patients, including high quality surgical procedures for an affordable price, Turkey has been able to achieve certain milestones that have built the country’s reputation as a global healthcare giant.

So, how has Turkey accomplished so much in the healthcare industry?

Throughout the early 1990’s, Turkey was working its way through various staff shortages, which was brought on by a range of issues including a fragmented health insurance system.

The low number of doctors and nurses meant healthcare wasn’t distributed equally across the country, so those in rural and more disadvantaged areas of the country were at a huge disadvantage.

With the threat of a rise in ‘non-communicable diseases’, such as cancer and diabetes, the country was in a healthcare crisis.

So, as a way of combating the issues faced, a reform was in order.

In 2002, Turkey was able to significantly improve its healthcare offering through the Health Transformation Program (HTP), which was supported by the World Bank.

The support from the World Bank was invaluable in making Turkey the epicentre of medical tourism that it is today.

From medical to technical direction, the bank was able to introduce laws and legislation to make health services available to everyone.

With knowledge of health practices from across the globe, from 2002 to 2011, the partnership was able to create long-lasting changes across the medical industry in Turkey.

This improvement in healthcare services has meant that thousands upon thousands of people from across the world have now visited the country for world-class healthcare and surgery.

By strengthening its medical institutions and health infrastructure, Turkey has also helped to encourage the research into cures for a range of diseases.

It even has the knowledge and healthcare professionals available to produce their own drugs and vaccinations. Prior to the 2000’s, most drugs and medication were imported to the country.

And what’s more, the country’s city hospitals and clinics are all assessed and qualified by the Quality Accreditation Institute, following international standards.

Following Turkey’s position as a world leader in healthcare services, most hospitals are now kitted out with all the latest, state of the art equipment. 

And paired with the top surgeons and doctors around, patients are almost always satisfied by the high level of care, attention and results they receive from surgery and treatment in the country.

As Turkey continues to grow and develop its healthcare services, the visitor numbers continue to grow year on year.

As part of the country’s growth in the industry, many cosmetic surgeries are now located across Europe and Turkey, including MedicoTrips.

MedicoTrips arranges for hundreds of UK residents to undergo cosmetic procedures in Turkey each year, offering a cost-effective yet high quality alternative to similar surgery back at home.

Of its decision to arrange medical tourism to Turkey, MedicoTrips said: “Being at the heart of the cosmetic industry, Turkey was by far the best option for us.

“As the country is home to some of the top, most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the world, it allows us to provide excellent results, at a similar standard to that of the UK, for a fraction of the price.

“With Turkey’s advancements in the medical industry and the access they have to the best equipment around, we feel confident recommending Turkey as a country for medical tourism, and are always pleased with the high quality results”.

With highly trained medical professionals, state of the art equipment and an affordable pricing structure, visiting Turkey for medical treatment is now a reality.

If you need more information and professional advice on how to undergo healthcare treatment or surgery in Turkey, we’d be more than happy to help. Contact a member of our team here.